The purpose of the Coastal Hazard Mailing List is to provide up-to-date coastal flood hazard information pertinent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Flood Insurance Program. The primary objective of this mailing list is to introduce and describe the Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program (CHAMP). Subscribers receive new mailings on a monthly basis.

Guidelines and Specifications for Wave Elevation Determination and V Zone Mapping

The March 1995 Final Draft of the Guidelines and Specifications for Wave Elevation Determination and V Zone Mapping has been prepared by FEMA to provide an overview of technical policy and procedures, and guidance concerning performing coastal modeling and mapping analyses to determine coastal flood elevations and hazards in Flood Insurance Studies. Detailed guidance is provided for the determination of wave elevations associated with the 1%-annual-chance coastal flood and for the identification of resultant Coastal High Hazard Areas (V zones) on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps. This document is available at:

Coastal Models Accepted by FEMA for National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Usage

FEMA has developed a comprehensive listing of all numerical models that are accepted for NFIP usage. Accepted coastal models, which include coastal storm surge, coastal wave height, and coastal wave effect models are available at:

Introduction to Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program (CHAMP)

CHAMP is a Microsoft Windows-based program and automation tool to support modernizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Hazard Mapping Program. The user can perform storm-induced erosion treatments, wave height analyses, and wave runup analyses associated with coastal flood hazard assessments for FEMA Flood Insurance Studies and revisions to Flood Insurance Rate Maps. CHAMP allows the user to enter, visualize, tabulate and graph data, and perform coastal engineering analyses within a user-friendly interface.

CHAMP is Composed of Six Modules

  • Transect Description/Parameter Entry
  • Transect Data Entry and Editing
  • Erosion Treatment
  • Wave Height Analysis
  • Wave Runup Analysis
  • Summary Tables and Graphics for Mapping

Minimum Requirements for Installing and Running CHAMP

  • IBM compatible PC computer (a 100 mHz or higher processor is recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT operating system (CHAMP is presently not supported by Windows ME operating system)

Other Useful Information

  • The CHAMP program and manual are available at: This page includes detailed instructions for downloading the program.
  • The CHAMP User's Manual contains the instructions and specifications needed to run CHAMP successfully. Prior to running CHAMP for the first time, users should take the time to read this manual.
  • Ensure that CHAMP is installed on a local directory on your system, such as: C:\Program Files\CHAMP.

Preparation for the July 2001 Bulletin

In preparation for the July 2001 edition of the Bulletin, you should familiarize yourself with the Guidelines and Specifications, the CHAMP program and manual and the six CHAMP modules. You may view these modules by opening up the samples.mdb CHAMP database file from the CHAMP initial screen. This .mdb file was placed in your "C:\Program Files\CHAMP\Samples" folder after the program is installed.

Next month, we will provide instructions on how to develop a CHAMP database from scratch!

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