Thank you for signing onto the CHECK-RAS, Version 1.1 mailing list. Because you are a CHECK-RAS list member, you have probably already downloaded the program from the FEMA website. If not, you may download it at:

Why Should I Know How to Use CHECK-RAS?

FEMA reviews all models, including HEC-RAS, when submitted as part of a map revision or restudy effort. It is a good idea to run CHECK-RAS on a multi-profile or a floodway model to detect errors in input data like geometric data, and output data, like water surface elevations at a cross section and upstream of structures. An accurate model reduces time spent by FEMA in reviewing the model and reduces the turnaround time for map revisions. You are encouraged to use CHECK-RAS on your next HEC-RAS modeling effort!

CHECK-RAS checks roughness coefficients, geometric data associated with cross sections, culvert and bridge models, ineffective flow area, floodway and multiprofile model results and many other issues. It is also an excellent tool to use at the model development stage.

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