Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Maps to Become Effective in 2003

Flood maps for Iberia Parish, Louisiana, are anticipated to become effective in early spring of 2003. FEMA has prepared community-specific information to provide citizens of Iberia Parish with important information regarding the data presented on the flood maps and to explain the benefits of community participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


New Fee Schedule Effective in September

A revised fee schedule for processing certain types of requests for changes to NFIP maps will become effective for all requests dated September 1, 2002, or later, and supersedes the current fee schedule established on June 1, 2000. The change in the fee schedule will allow FEMA to further reduce expenses to the NFIP. Revised fees include those associated with single-lot/single-structure CLOMA, CLOMR-F and LOMR-F requests, and certain CLOMR and LOMR requests. To view the revised fee schedule, visit our Fees Page at:


Site Redesign

As you may recall, the FEMA Web site was recently redesigned. Please update your bookmarks to ensure continued access to the latest content.

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