Flood Protection Restored for Los Angeles River; LOMRs Issued for 12 Communities in California

FEMA has issued a Letter of Map Revision, scheduled to become effective in January 2002, for each of the 12 communities in which flood protection for the lower Los Angeles River has been restored. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed the restoration work in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. As a result, most of the Los Angeles River Special Flood Hazard Areas previously designated as Zone AR and later converted to Zone A99 have been changed to Zone X on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for those communities. Read More

Final Rule for Future-Conditions Hydrology Published

The final rule revises the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations to include definitions for future-conditions hydrology and for the floodplains that may be shown on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), for informational purposes at the request of a community, to reflect future conditions hydrology; and to establish the zone symbol to be used to identify future-conditions flood hazard areas on the FIRMs.


Coastal Tutorial Featuring CHAMP Now Available

This tutorial demonstrates many of the functions of the Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program (CHAMP), including entering, visualizing, tabulating and charting data, and performing coastal engineering analyses. CHAMP is a software program designed to enable the user to perform storm-induced erosion treatments, wave-height analyses, and wave-runup analyses associated with coastal flood hazard assessments.


Automated Hydraulics and Hydrology Website Now Available

The Automated Hydraulics and Hydrology (H&H) website has been launched to help inform NFIP communities and water resources specialists about using automated techniques to conduct floodplain analyses. The Automated H&H work group is addressing how the recent expansion of Geographic Information Systems, enhanced H&H modeling tools, and new computer software can be used to efficiently develop and update flood hazard information for the NFIP.

Mitigation Resources for Success CD (FEMA 372) Now Available

The CD was designed to meet the needs of a broad audience, and includes useful information such as publications, technical fact sheets, photographs, case studies, and Federal and State Mitigation Program information and contacts.


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