Huntington Beach Floodplain Reduced by Santa Ana River Mainstem Project

FEMA has issued a Letter of Map Revision for the City of Huntington Beach, California, that revises the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) designated Zone A99 in the southeast portion of Huntington Beach to reflect updated flood hazard information related to the Santa Ana River, the Huntington Beach and Talbert Flood Control Channels, and the Pacific Ocean. As a result, approximately 75 percent of the SFHA is now designated Zone X and the remaining area (approximately 25 percent) has become an SFHA designated Zone AE. Read More

Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program, Version 1.1

Download the latest version of the Coastal Hazard Analysis Modeling Program (CHAMP), a software program for performing storm-induced erosion treatments, wave height analyses, and wave runup analyses associated with coastal flood hazard assessments. CHAMP, Version 1.1, updates Version 1.0 to incorporate recent technical advances and repair operational errors identified to date.

Mapping Needs Update Support System State Profiles

Download a copy of the MNUSS State Profile for your state. Each one-page fact sheet provides information a state's mapping needs. The profiles cover specific state details, including a range of the ages of the state's flood hazard maps, and facts about MNUSS's top 5 ranked communities in the state. The profiles also include details about the state's overall response to FEMA's request for map needs information and general information about the Mapping Needs Assessment Process, MNUSS, unmapped communities, and the Biennial Report. More information regarding MNUSS activities can be found by clicking here.

Los Angeles River Map Revision Information

View and download copies of the latest Los Angeles County, California, map revision information, including copies of the Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) that became effective on January 11, 2002, and the accompanying map attachments. FEMA issued LOMRs for each of the 12 communities in which flood protection for the lower Los Angeles River has been restored. As a result of the restoration work on the lower Los Angeles River flood protection system most of the Special Flood Hazard Areas previously designated as Zone AR and later converted to Zone A99 have been changed to Zone X on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for those communities. Read More

Updated Listing of Numerical Models Accepted by FEMA for National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Usage

Consult the latest version of the numerical models list for the most recent information concerning models accepted by FEMA for NFIP usage.

Supporting Technical Documentation for Acceptable Models

View the latest supporting technical documentation for models accepted by FEMA for NFIP usage, including FLDWAV and SWMM.

MT Forms

The Office of Management and Budget has extended the expiration date of FEMA Forms MT-EZ, MT-1, and MT-2, through February 28, 2002.

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