Enhanced DFIRM Database

In addition to all of the elements in the Standard DFIRM Database, the Enhanced version contains pertinent back-up engineering data needed by FEMA mapping partners for flood studies, map revisions, or map maintenance. http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/fhm/dfm_eddb.shtm

MT-EZ Forms Now Available

The revised MT-EZ forms, including the new Spanish version, are available for download on the Flood Hazard Mapping Web site. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) extended the expiration date of FEMA Forms MT-1 and MT-2 through March 31, 2002. The MT-1 and MT-2 forms may be used beyond the March 31, 2002, expiration date until updated forms are printed and made available in digital format from the FHM site. http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/fhm/frm_form.shtm

Site Redesign

As you may know, a FEMA Web site redesign was implemented earlier this month. Please update your bookmarks to ensure continued access to the latest content.

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