New Mailing Lists

We have recently created two new mailing lists to provide monthly updates on issues related to coastal hazard mapping and the National Flood Frequency (NFF) program. You may sign up to receive future editions of these by clicking on the links below.

Coastal Hazard Mailing List
Subscribe to this mailing list for e-mail updates on coastal flood hazard information, coastal analysis and modeling software programs, related tutorials, and other pertinent information. Sign-up forms are available on the download pages for all coastal applications referenced on the Flood Hazard Mapping site, including CHAMP, WHAFIS, and RUNUP.

National Flood Frequency Mailing List
Subscribe to this mailing list for updates on the National Flood Frequency application, tutorial, and related information. The NFF application is a widely used and accepted program developed by the U.S. Geological Survey to estimate approximate peak discharges for ungaged basins.

Update to the Numerical Models List Accepted by FEMA for NFIP Usage

The numerical models list has been updated to reflect FEMA's acceptance of new coastal and hydraulic models and models accepted for local usage. The updated list includes CHAMP, version 1.0; MIKE 21; DYNLET; HEC-RAS 3.0; WSPGW (a Windows version of WSPG), AHYMO 97; Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure; HCSWMM; and SHEET2D.

Expiration Date for MT Forms Extended

The expiration dates for the MT-EZ and MT-2 application forms have been extended until July 1, 2001. The expiration date for the MT-1 forms has been extended through August 1, 2001.

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