Huntington Beach, California, Floodplain Reduced

FEMA has issued a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the City of Huntington Beach, California, that revises the Special Flood Hazard Area designated Zone A99 in the southeast portion of Huntington Beach to reflect updated flood hazard information related to the Santa Ana River, the Huntington Beach and Talbert Flood Control Channels, and the Pacific Ocean. As a result, approximately 75 percent of the SFHA will be designated Zone X and the remaining area (approximately 25 percent) will become an SFHA designated Zone AE when the LOMR becomes effective. The LOMR is scheduled to become effective in February 2002. Read More

Draft Comprehensive Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners Now Available

FEMA has recently prepared Draft Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners, which are available to interested parties for review and comment. The draft Guidelines define the technical requirements, coordination and documentation activities, and product specifications for flood hazard maps and related National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) products. These Guidelines also represent a compilation of the requirements documented in previous FEMA guidelines and specifications documents and other FEMA procedure memorandums and guidance documents.

FEMA Receives Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award for Illinois DFIRM Project

The American Society of Civil Engineers, Illinois Section, named the Cook County, Illinois Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) project as the winner of the 2001 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year Award for projects having a total cost of less than $5 million.

List of Numerical Models Accepted by FEMA for NFIP Usage Recently Updated

The numerical models list has been updated to reflect minor updates and the most recent information concerning models that are accepted by FEMA for NFIP usage.

Supporting Technical Documentation for Acceptable Models Now Available for FLDWAV, MIKE21, and SWMM

Supporting technical documentation is now available for models accepted by FEMA for NFIP usage, including FLDWAV, MIKE21, and SWMM.

Latest Compendium of Flood Map Changes Now Available

The January-June 2001, Compendium of Flood Map Changes is now available. This edition of the Compendium includes a listing of changes made to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) maps that became effective during the first 6 months of 2001.

MT Forms Expiration Date Extended

The expiration date for the MT forms (October 2001) has been extended until the revised forms are available. Until then, users may continue to use the existing MT-EZ, MT-1, and MT-2 application forms packages for all Letter of Map Change requests.

Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form Extension Sought

FEMA is in the process of obtaining review and clearance from the Office of Management and Budget for an extension to the expiration date of FEMA Form 81-93, Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form, as a part of the required reissuance of the form, which was scheduled to expire October 31, 2001. No changes to the form or the information collected are anticipated, but there may be some clarifications to the instructions based upon questions and feedback received over the past two years. Users may use the current form until a Final Notice, with a new form expiration date, is published in the Federal Register.

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