The purpose of the Quick-2 Mailing List is to provide up-to-date information about Quick-2 software, tutorials, and other related topics pertinent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The Quick-2 Program is available for download at:

We also have an online tutorial for Quick-2 located at:

Starting next month, we will work through different example problems for which you can use Quick-2. We will include simple and complex problems each month.

Why Should I Know How to Use Quick-2?

  1. Paragraph 60.3 (b)(3) of the National Flood Insurace Program (NFIP) regulations states that participating communities must require Base (1-percent annual chance) Flood Elevations for all new subdivisions or other developments (including manufactored homes) greater than 50 lots or 5 acres, whichever is the lesser.
    • To determine the Base Flood Elevations in an unnumbered approximate Zone A floodplain, guidance is given in the FEMA report entitled, "Managing Floodplain Development in Approximate Zone A Areas, a Guide to Obtaining and Developing Base (100-year) Flood Elevations," dated April 1995. This manual is available in the web at:
    • Quick-2 is accepted by FEMA for determining BFEs in an approximate Zone A area. There are other models that can be used (HEC-2, HEC-RAS, etc.,), but the learning curve is extensive. You can be confidently using Quick-2 in one hour.
  2. Quick-2 may be used to remove a structure or parcel of land from an approximate Zone A through the Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) and Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F).
    • Quick-2 can determine normal depth and critical depth, it can do simple backwater analyses, and it can be used to develop rating curves. Quick-2 can handle several channel types: rectangular, trapezoidal, circular, and irregular.

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