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Manually Adding a Panel in RASPLOT

After extracting a model into RASPLOT, or creating the RASPLOT Database manually, the user is ready to create a flood profile. By analyzing the cumulative channel distance from the RASPLOT Database, RASPLOT automatically creates a layout for the flood profile. The user can then fine-tune the layout by adjusting the parameters found in the Panel Setup Information (General and Detail) window. However, situations may arise when RASPLOT may not add an extra panel. For example, your flood profile is 5,400 feet long, and you would like it to be at a scale of 1"=400'. In this case, with 13 inches on the flood profile, this profile would need to fit on 2 panels (only 5,200 feet will fit on the first panel). In this situation, RASPLOT may prefer that this flood profile fit on one panel at a scale of 1"=500'. Most of the time, when you adjust the scale (from 1"=500' to 1"=400'), RASPLOT will automatically create a new panel to fit the rest of the flood profile.

If RASPLOT does not create a new panel, adding a panel can be done manually, as explained in the document (, in WinZip format).

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