Topics addressed in this issue include:

  • Problems Creating the RASPLOT Database - Need two or more flood profiles
  • Problems Creating the RASPLOT Database - HEC-RAS report generated incorrectly

Q. Do you ever have problems creating the RASPLOT Database from the hydraulic model?

A. Here are some reasons why this could be occurring, and some tips on how to make sure your model runs through RASPLOT without problems:

  • Maybe there is only one flood profile (RASPLOT needs at least two flood profiles to run).
  • For a HEC-RAS model, maybe the report file was not generated correctly.

If neither of these situations is the reason why your model is not running in RASPLOT, there may be a modeling problem within the model. If your model is HEC-2 or HEC-RAS, please use CHECK-2 or CHECK-RAS, respectively, to run a check on the model. You may download these programs at

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