cHECk-RAS and Other Features

National Flood Insurance Program logocHECk-RAS allows users to examine a variety of parameters from HEC-RAS data files, as well as generate, view, and print reports. These reports include tables and warning messages about possible inconsistencies in the HEC-RAS input and output. cHECk-RAS checking programs cover the following five areas:

  • The NT Check evaluates roughness (Manning's "n") and transition loss coefficients.
  • The XS (Cross-Sections) Check evaluates distances, ineffective flow areas, levees, divided flow, extended cross sections, known water-surface elevation, location of cross sections, placement of discharges, boundary conditions and flow regimes.
  • The Floodway Check evaluates the Encroachment method, starting water-surface elevation, floodway widths, surcharge values, floodway discharge, and the floodway at hydraulic structures.
  • The Structure Check evaluates distances, type of flow, culvert coefficients, culvert solution criteria, ineffective flow, deck/roadway and ground data, and floodway at the structure.
  • The Profiles Check evaluates the starting water-surface elevation methods, compares water-surface elevations between the selected profiles, and top widths for two to six profiles.

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