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Note: In order for the cHECk-RAS Help and Reporting functions to be fully functional, the project (.prj) file must be accessed from your local computer.For cHECk-RAS to check a HEC-RAS project, it must extract data from that project's HEC-RAS report.

A HEC-RAS project (.prj) file contains a plan file, geometry file, flow file, and an output file associated with the plan file. You may examine data from a single profile, 2 profiles for a floodway analysis, or 2-7 profiles for a floodway and multiple profile analyses:

  • If a single profile is chosen, cHECk-RAS will run the NT, XS, and Structure Checks.
  • If two profiles are chosen and one of them is a floodway profile, cHECk-RAS will run the NT, XS, Structure, and Floodway Checks. When two profiles are chosen, the discharges should represent the 1%-annual-chance flood and floodway. The first profile must be the 1%-annual-chance flood and the second profile must be the floodway.

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