Export Final Report to PDF File

Screenshot of the cHECk-RAS interface with the 'Export to PDF' button circled.After editing your final report in the 'cHECk-RAS Report Editor', you can create a PDF file of the report of the messages that have comments and other messages that have not been resolved through HEC-RAS:

  1. If you flagged messages, the report will not show or populate your message flags.
  2. In order for your report comments to appear in the PDF report, the Checking routine must be run after comments are added. Users should note that you may have to select 'All Messages'.
  3. Select the 'Export to PDF' button in the cHECk-RAS main window.
  4. All the River Stations with the same applicable message will be grouped together in the PDF report file.
  5. Your final cHECk-RAS report will show all messages that have comments, as well as other messages that still require corrective action in HEC-RAS.
  6. Users should remember to include a copy of the report with all FEMA Letter of Map Change (LOMC) and flood study submissions, as appropriate.
  7. Below is an example of a cHECk-RAS PDF report.

Example of a cHECk-RAS final report in PDF format.

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