Extract Data

Screenshot of the cHECk-RAS interface with the 'Extract Data' button circled in the lower left-hand corner of the window.Once the HEC-RAS project (.prj) file has been properly added and set up in cHECk-RAS, perform the following to extract data:

  1. To allow cHECk-RAS to extract the necessary data from the loaded HEC-RAS project (.prj) file, click on the 'Extract Data' button at the bottom.
  2. Process may take several minutes depending on the size and complexity of the file. Progress can be seen in the Progress bar at the bottom left-hand side.
  3. Upon completion, a pop-up message will appear indicating that the data has been successfully extracted.
  4. Once the Extract Data function has been performed for a specific HEC-RAS project (.prj) file, it will not be necessary to perform again unless the project file is modified in HEC-RAS.
Screenshot of a cHECk-RAS popup window. Message reads 'Data Extraction Success...'

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