Edit Reports: Flagging and Commenting on Reports

Screenshot of the cHECk-RAS interface with the 'Edit Report' button circled. Select the 'Edit Report' to flag and/or comment on reports.The Edit Report function in cHECk-RAS allows you to add comments and suppress specific messages from cHECk-RAS-generated reports using the Flag function.

Flagging can be used to remove multiple instances of the same message to avoid lengthy repetitive reports. Flagging can also be used to remove messages shown for informational purposes only or those determined to not be applicable for a particular cross section or cross sections:

  1. To begin flagging and commenting on reports, close the cHECk-RAS Report Window.
  2. Select the 'Edit Report' button from the main cHECk-RAS menu, the cHECk-RAS Report Editor window will open and will contain all of the messages generated by cHECk-RAS for the HEC-RAS project (.prj) file.
  3. Screenshot of the cHECk-RAS Report Editor window. Table displays all of the messages generated by cHECk-RAS for sthe HEC-RAS project (.prj) file.
  4. The Report Editor window can be ordered either by Message ID or by Cross Section Number by using the radio buttons at the top left-hand side of the window and then clicking the Refresh button. By default, the report will be ordered by Message ID.
  5. Type any desired comments in the 'Comments' box.
  6. Select the 'Flag' radio button to the right of the 'Comments' box.
  7. After adding all desired comments and flags, select the 'Update' button and then close the cHECk-RAS Report Editor window. Users should note that messages that are not flagged will need to be resolved by fixing the model in HEC-RAS, discussed later in this tutorial.
  8. Select the 'Checking' button from the cHECk-RAS main window.
  9. When the Checking routine is complete, select the 'View Report' button.
  10. The cHECk-RAS Report Window will display. The reports generated will no longer display any flagged messages. Note that the suppressed (flagged) messages are still stored in the editable report accessible through the 'Edit Report' button. Additionally, by checking the 'All Messages' box on the main program interface window, and rerunning the Checking function, all previously flagged messages will be included in the reports once again. Reports may be exported from the cHECk-RAS Report Editor window including user-entered comments.

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