cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1

cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1 was released in December 2013.

In cHECk-RAS Version 2.0.1, updates included:

  • Modernized program code base
  • Redesigned program interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly
  • The 'Read Geometry' error related to rating curves experienced by some users when using the program to check certain models was resolved
  • Variables populate appropriately in all 314 cHECk-RAS messages generated by the program
  • Users can install the cHECk-RAS program to a non-default location on their computer without affecting the ability to use cHECk-RAS
  • Users can input a specific surcharge value to be checked as an alternative to choosing from the pre-defined list of state surcharge values
  • Enhanced 'Help' and reporting functions
  • cHECk-RAS 2.0.1 User Guide enhancements reflect the latest features

HEC-RAS and cHECk-RAS software can be found on the FEMA Web site.

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